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Forward :


Diversim is essentially a name given to a philosophical theory which is about the understanding and defineing of the current societal and cultural global condition. It is about Identifying this increasing emerging global conciousness that exists in our modern minds,But also identyfying and defineing the increasing broader human spirit that exists towards the transformations and current Issues emerging and happening in our global society now.



" Diversisn is essentially describing a new emerging scientific understanding and spirit towards biological complexity, And describing how that spirit could be understood to define a new 21st century architecture "


"There exists an increasing new 21st century spirit,Sentiment and empathy towards Diminished,Enduring and Emergent Biological and cultural Diversity, This project creates and refines a theoretical concept that names, describes,creates and evolves upon this new human or Accelerating spirit and global condition, which surely says an awful lot about how our 21st century Architecture could be defined and made meaningful"


This project makes the case for the new spirit which has been defined and named as Diversism. It describes how it is emerging now and how very real it is, But more importantly makes the case for how this Philosophy and spirit could define a new 21st century built, maintained or protected environment.





1.1 What Is Diversism ? - The simultaneous and interwoven Diverse trajectories.


( 1 ) A 21st Century Architecture and world theory concept. LC 2015



( 2 ) Diversism is a series of Constructed built up and connected theories of simultaneous Diverse trajectories.- Proving the current and most important forefront in multiple fields and industry is a direction towards increasing diverse production whilst Maintaining and protecting

the biologically Diverse. This Diverse production is to be designed and suited to how individuals and cultures wish to live their lifes, Constructing all human activity around protecting and increasing Biological and cultural Diverse richness. This theory has Constructed and brought together the separate simoultaneous trajectories of the Diverse and threats to the Diverse.



( 3 ) A constructive crtique of current architecture and industry. - And a Manifesto for progress.



( 4 ) An Activism concept for the reversal of Diverse depletion culturally,architecturally and      biologically.



(5) An answer to the question of what is the potential and what can be and is the Architecture of our age ?



(6) A design philosophy.



(7) A New word that encompasses the above points and a new word to describe this multilayered global condition.



( 8 ) A New Architectural Paradigm



( 9 ) A suggestion and a manifesto for a new Movement



(10) A New 21st Century Style of Architecture



( 11 ) A new 21st century collective Human spirit.


(11.1) There exists a collective new and rapidly increasing human spirit,empathy,sentiment,

attitude and concern towards global dminished,enduring and emergent Diverse richness on

our planet. 


This new spirit is increasingly apparent coupled with,driving and elevating the creative industries towards increasing richness for with and from our love of our biologicaly diverse rich planet. 




( 12 ) A new industry spirit and transitional philosophy describing the transition from a mass production and bespoke industry to a mass customization industry. ( downloading and 3d printing etc.. )







1.2 Why Another Ism ?


( 1 ) Why another Ism ? Why isms are good for the advancement of mankind ?


- They are good literary terms, They provide a term and a means for people to describe a Multi-layered, multi faceted interwoven and connected culmination of ideas. This analytical culmination of ideas developed into a single word is Important to help describe this complex multi dimensonal complex idea easily. And also provides an instant recognisable desctiptive of this new spirit that exsists or could emerge in our world which has been named Diversism.


The beleif that Identyfying and describing our current world and its current condition is integral To help us do things, such as stand back from our civilization on planet earth evaluate it, and ask ourselves - are we doing the right thing, Or our we facilitating the possibility for each other to do what each of us believe is the right self direction for our lifes and the life of all Biological Diversity.



Diversism has mainly been constructed to describe firstly two of the most important simultaneous trajectories of the 21st century.  These two trajectories are :



( 1 ) Protecting biological Diversity


( 2)  and building Diverse cities.




1.3 Why Diversism ?


Why Diversism ? - There are many more layers and reasons for why this particular ism was constructed/invented in late 2008.


The subsequent notes and writings explain and explores the many reasons for and encompasses the many values behind the idea, detailing the claim of a transition towards a Diverse Architectural Pradigm. Explaining why Architecture up untill this point has been invariently recursive and combinatorially repetitive.


The Concept stresses on Biological Diversity and cultural Diversity, Highlighting the wealth of

the Diverse, the potential of the Diverse and the threats to the Diverse.







Diversism Can be communicated in five succint points -



(1) Protecting Geological Diversity


(2) Protecting Bio diversity


(3) Building/maintaining Diverse culture


(4) Building Diverse Architecture


(5) Building Diverse Industries



These 5 points of the Diverse will form the foundation of the manifesto and provide a

outline and corner stone for the discussin of the separate simotaneous trajectories that

connect and interweave with eachother creating this new Diverse architectural paradigm

and world Spirit. Starting with the first of the Five points of the Diverse I begin the discussion

with the foundations of our world the solid Earth the great geological Diversity of planet earth the ground in which all architecture must rest.





Section 01


1/5 ( 001.1 ) - Geological Diversity and the Anthropocene Epoch.



Defining the age:


The Geologic Clock -


In the grand scheme of the earth human beings exist within the The time span of the named Phanerozoic Eon. The definitive characteristics of this Eon is the period of time when diverse hard-shelled animals first appeared.


During the Phanerozoic Era, biodiversity shows a steady but not monotonic increase from near zero to several thousands of genera.


The phanerozoic Era is constructed or broken down into Three time periods the paleozoic, the

meszoic and the cenozoic. The latter of the three the cenozoic is broken down into three further catogorys the paleogene, the Neogene and the Quaternary.


The Quaternary Period is divided into two epochs: the Pleistocene (2.588 million years ago to 11.7 thousand years ago) and the Holocene (11.7 thousand years ago to today).



The Holecene is the current geological era we exsist in today, However We have potentially left this Holocene Stage of environmental stability due to detrimental human activity


- Two main route causes have created this potential departure. This departure may or may not be able to be reversed depending on subsequent human activity or intervention.




The two main route causes are -


(A) Emissions In and since the 1800's due to the Agriculture and industrial revolutions.


(B) The 1950s and since explosion in population and resource exploitation.




- Anthropocene - official nomenclature of the geological field of study ?



- The Anthropocene is a proposed geologic chronological term for an epoch that begins when human activities have had a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems.The term – appears to have been used by Russian scientists at least as early as the 1960s.


The term is to Describe our transition into a new epoch in the wake of these new emerging conditions which have been building exponentially since the 1950's - The geological society of London is studying the evidence and is to make the final decision on whether we have in fact

entered a new geological era directly created by human activity.


its very Interesting Geologists are also defining the age in which we are entering, charactarized by the hightened urgency of diminishing diversity. We ( many architects ) share their urgency and see the forthcoming expenetial rate of increased importance of bio-diversity this century immenent just as with all other fields, We have known for a long time our buildings consume 40% of the current extracted worlds energy resource, And emmit 50% of its green house gases.


Geologists have lead the way in describing the transition to a new epoch characterized dominantly and evidently by the loss of biological diversity due to these human activities.

The term may or may not be added to the geologic clock of geological eras.


The Diversism Theory of architecture describes how the diversification of new 21st century architecture is also a result of the study of bio-diversity in new fields such as biomimicry and biological architecture.Interestingly Architecture is also a contributor to the solution of protecting bio-diversity through these same fields.


The evidence is continuing to be analysed regarding the defining of the new geologic era, geologists currently are putting the evidence forward for further analysis. Climate change is not the strongest argument for the case of defining this new age of the anthropocene Bio-diversity is, Many of the earths epochs are defined by sharp changes in fossil records something happened to the biology of the planet. - Periods of the earths history are defined by the abrupt changes in the biological part of the planet.


Many share the need for defining a new epoch and identiyfying the paradigmn whilst in it, As we stand on the crossroads with a choice of direction towards that of a Diverse and rich planet full of life and culture. or that of an impoverished planet full of homogenization and monoculture.


Clearly for obvious potentially catosphoric reasons and outcomes, We cant simple wait for the conclusion and character of our existing geological paradigm to unfold around us.


This time we must carefully monitor and define exactly what is happening in our paradigm around us whilist in it and carfully steer and define our desired direction around us, And although romantic as some of our existiential being and activity is and may seem regarding blindly losing ourselves and direction to simply wait and see where we end up or what we discover in some other parts of lifes which obviosuly is a beautiful human notion and in which we will maintain, In this more serious sense however  we can't simply do whatever and see how it turns out, we need to start to carefully design and manage our new world.( Our Paradigm around us )


im poseing the idea and belief that actually perhaps we can't just reduce our paradigm

to a mere afterthought for historians in 70 years time to define. we can and should define it ourselves, and in a true intellegent design spirit we should design and define this paradigm on paper first and then create it.





2/5 ( 002 ) - Biological Diversity



"There exists an increasing new 21st century spirit and empathy towards Diminished,Enduring and Emergent Biological Diversity and its effect on other cultures" LC 2015



Diversism is also a response to Diminished, Enduring and Emergent Diversity and the human spirit and empathy towards them. These three categories will form the analytical structure for the study of the various subjects analysied in this document, namely to analyse my five points of the diverse. This section deals with the second of my five points of the Diverse - Biological Diversity.




Threats to the Diverse:




Extinction :


Mono cultures: - Lessons from standardization


Case Studies / Examples - ( To name a few )


( 1 ) Palm oil Forest replacing bio-Diversity

( 2 ) Tea Fields replacing Bio-Diversity

( 3 ) Eucalyptus Plantations Replacing Bio - Diversity

( 4 ) Eucalyptus plantations replacing bio diversity issue. -

( 5 ) Poplar Trees and bio-diversity

( 6 ) Oat Fields Replacing Bio-diverse land

( 7 ) Cotton Fields Replacing Bio-diverse land

( 8 ) Potatoe Fields Replacing Bio-diverse land.





Lessons from standardization.


Lessons From monoculture


Learnt Importance of Diversity




















( In Progress )









Noticing Enduring Diversity and species on the Brink of Extinction



It is worth noting that all sustainability or maybe the best possible sustainability is arguably the sustainability of our bio-diverse world ? I would Like to affirm my argument here that Biological diversity really is the key, The true foundation our biological exsistance and foundation of all art,science and culture that informs the way in which we will begin to create our new architecture.


I would also like to state that perhaps just sustaining our self's ( Human Species ) and sustaining our bio-diverse world is not quite the best we can do ? - And perhaps with intellegent management richness can be increased.


Sustaining & Surviving






Towards increasing richness culturally and biologically.



Can we recover the Holocene?


Emerging Potential to Thrive

Potential to Thrive, - growth higher richness - beyond just sustainability.


Potential to Reverse Diminishing Diversity.



ACTIONS :  -  Preservation and creation


Case Studies / Examples - ( To name a few )



( 1 ) Bio-diversity - Restorative

( 2 ) Reversing Coral Bleaching

( 3 ) Regaining coral diversity



( 4 ) Regaining Rainforest diversity


4.1 - World Biodiversity Monitoring

4.2 - Land rehabilitation


( 5 ) Monoculture vs Towards Diverse farming.


5.1 - Type Diversification

5.2 - Organic farming

5.3 - Diverse Food Forests

5.4 - Humane Diverse jobs



Reduce Burning of fossil fuels



Why Biological Diversity is important ? 


- Why a Diverse world is important a part from the obvious fundamental need for bio-diversity for development of trees which create our oxygen to breath. and our food chains to survive. I pose the idea of a valuable design and engineering resource for all future innovation and imagination for the next 1000 + years certainlly for Architecture.


Why Diverse architecture is important ?


The biological and cultural world requires a differentiation of space and sense stimulation for excitement-fun-life-growth-and feeling alive.- For the advancement of innovation and imagination


It also Provides differentiated landscapes,environments and habitats for all life. Taking advantage of our need to build shelter to simultaneously build shelter for other species as well. Diverse architecture is emerging and will become a product of the bio-diverse world through new paradigms such as Biological architectural paradigms such as Biomimicry and new material sciences. And vice versa the one implies-other.





Importance of biological Diversity Established in Architecture:


Importance Established - ( 1 ) Importance of Bio-diversity addressed. (2) Importance of Diverse architecture addressed - But backed up in direct subsequent section


Questions Established


Now we know and have addressed the core issues that affirms the importance of a rich diverse world. - How do we then address the various types of diminishing,enduring and emergent diversities ? Affirming the very worthwhile question mark over Diverse richness in our world.



( Q ) Diminished, Enduring, and Emergent Diversity







Our Age:  Defining Diversism



Our Age is established ?


The question of Biological and cultural Diversity in today's increasingly globalized connected world says that the Idea is at the forefront of importance moving forward universally.


Based on current affairs in our world today, Two simultaneous trajectories have been carved out

in this manifesto moving forward forming the Diversism Concept.




The Main concept is describing a Simultaneous Age of protecting Diversity and building diverse cities,industry and culture.


Two simultaneous trajectories of creation form the- Towards Diversism concept.




( A )  -  Towards Diversism in terms of protecting bio diverse ecology's - Projected to be severely at threat this century, defining trajectory of the 21st century and beyond.


[ Geological and biological ]




( B )  -  Towards Diversism in terms of diversifying cities - Biomimcry,biological architecture, mass customization,sustainable design, efficiency ( non false economy ) cultural societal evolution etc..


[ Cultural and industrial ]





[ The Geological and biological ]  +  [ The Cultural and industrial ] = Architecture










3/5 ( 002 ) Building/maintaining Diverse culture


Definititons C or c


( 1 )


( 2 ) Everything  The 2nd.







Architecture and culture are two simultaneous cultures, the Parallels culturally are outlined in this section the third point of my 5 points of the diverse [ Culture ], by culture i am refering to the variousmeaningsof the words.



What we Value Today ?



( 1 ) Anti Cultural heriarchy



( 2 ) Anti-Noble


(1) Belonging by rank, title, or birth to the aristocracy."the medieval palace was once owned by a noble Florentine family" synonymous aristocratic, noble-born, of noble birth, titled, patrician, blue-blooded, high-born, well born; -(2) However Pro-Noble traits such as virtuous, good, honourable, honest, upright, upstanding, decent, worthy, noble-minded, uncorrupted, anti-corruption, moral, ethical, reputable, magnanimous, unselfish, generous, self-sacrificing, brave



( 3 ) Anti-Lord


Anti-Lord = Not to undermine the work of modern lords which maybe honourable, - Anti Lord in terms of modern people require no master or ruler over them. - Totally Different from learning masterful skill from a respectable master (mastering ) of a given subject.


( 4 ) Anti-Superior



( 5 ) Anti-dictator



( 6 ) Master Plan vs Evolved Ecosystem


Master Plan designed by a minority vs an Ecosystem evolved collectively - intuitively ? - Arguably a lot more plausible with a connected and tight network society.Towards an evolved culture and not an imposed idea of high and low culture.


( 7 ) Evolved vs ordered Plan


Evolved vs ordered Plan - the importance of evolved ecologies vs Forced systems. - Evolved,valued,treasured,consented.


( 8 ) Democratization of Justice



( 9 ) Anti Forced Diversity


Brief Note Only: Only if it is felt forced does forced diversity exist. - Suggestive any concept of forced Diversity is problematic. - Many colonization periods comprised of a very real different type of forced diversity, which is rather different from a futuristic age of a valued encouraged diverse culture.


( 10 ) Past Forced Diversity


Past Forced Diversity



( 11 ) Pro - Individual choice


An Ecosystem evolved on millions of peoples individual choices as apposed to a result of a imposed master plan. Successful Eco-systems evolve, and are not master planned by a superior leader. intellectual, ruler, authoritarian.



New 21st Century culture celebrating :



( 1 )  Celebrating Good Leadership


Good charismatic caring polite humility leadership.


( 2 ) Celebrating Invention



( 3 ) Celebrating Innovation



( 4 ) Modern Diverse People


- Modern Diversity

- All opinions Valid fragmented society.

- Individual preferences

- Cultural Homogenization conern

- Gentrification Concern

- Anti one size fits all Culture

- Cultural Monoculture Issues



- Repetitive Routine vs consistent differentiation -


Repetitive Routine vs consistent differentiation - Failure is measured by the number of routines you have' - To succumb to a way means you've shut the doors to all other ways... - Paul Auster - Routine = easier and comfortable the antithesis with challenge,newness,spontaneity and out of enclosed comfort zones towards the creation of new experience. Is variation in life absolutely compulsory and essential ? Most or nearly all evidence suggests this to be true.



Repetitive Unconscious habits Concern.


Tribes & silos


Local prefrences


Decisions made locally


Bio_Diversity Cultures - Bio-Diversity and its intimately linked cultures


Bio_Diversity Monocultures


New Diverse info Culture


Permaculture etc..




Biomimicry Cultural implications


Biomimicry Cultural implications - Biomimicry doesnt impose styles justified and based on the fact it has been biomimiced by nature and is therfore ecological supperior and must look as certain way, quite the contary it offers a 8.74 million specie lexicon of forms and processes for example implementating a homeostatic system that can either be maluable in material science and therefore/or take on a stylistic choice of a particular cultural pereference in line with any cultural diversity.


Is bio-D culturally adaptive


- We are ready for culturally adaptive bio-diversity not bio-engineering certainly not animal testing but certainly bio-diverse observation. we are becoming knowledgeable at constructing biological matter that is responsible to its bio-geological-context and even enriches it. - These various matters can be aesthetically and functionally infinitely customized.



How ? - Adaptive with Architecture and Industry


Supporting Architecture and Industry





Mass Culture & Diverse Culture


- Transitions from Mass culture to Diverse culture



Mass Communication 


- Transitions from mass communication to increasing diverse trajectories and channels of mass customized communications.



The priniting press  -  Newspaper  -  Radio  -  Television



Mass Medias to customized mass medias


Newspaper  -  Radio  -  Television  ( increasing channels )  - Internet  - social media  - Apps.



The great wealh of increasing variables in the communication of our modern human activities.




Mass Culture :


Concerning Mass culture and issues regarding the ideas and values, that develop from a common exposure to the same media, news sources, music, and art.issues arise with mass culture as broadcast or otherwise such as television distributed to individuals instead of arising from their day-to-day interactions with each other which is the main critic of mass culture.


Essentially thoughts opnions tastes and even political beliefs develop from these mass medias.

There are many mass media and mass culture issues that arise from this type of society. And Mass cultures developing from mass media as apposed to acquired otherwise presents itself

with dangers of monoculture.


However Garnering a high and low cultural diffrentiation view on todays cultural phenomenanons are problematic and contentious.Mass cultures quite often when analysed are very difficult to diffretiate in terms of there quality and excllelence and even worth in our society. Applying a heirarchy system to the great sepctrum of culture in its most broad sense, from basic human  anthropological study all the way through to human activities which are or have been seen in a high cultural regard such as Fine Arts and opera is problematic.


Mass culture critcism has even led to derogatory terms such as "Low culture" which is a

derogatory term used to critic some forms of popular culture that have mass appeal. Constructive criticism and dialogue about what is in our cultures is important however derogatory criticism of sections of society is outrageous.


Although we as a society live experience and learn from new emerging cultures and decide which ones to continue to develop and practice in our lifes, We all find throw away or momentary mass culture fun and entertaining at times, just as we may find a shakespeare play enjoyable and highly stimulating in a another regard.


Celbrity magazines Have been known for extreme distaste and have learnt developed and evolved and are now culturally more careful and truthful than what they were before.


The true measure of worth just as it is within the architecture profession can only be truly tested by the test of time itself.


whether it be the latest sensation on youtube or a classical play passed on for generations.


It seems to me Culture evolves in society in a darwinian natural selection sense to use it as a metaphore, new and old cultures are tried and tested over time and quality worth and enjoyment values are analysed and selected, The cultures that interest us survive and the ones that are seen as less value fade away.


Rather than slecting a selector to define what is good and what is bad culture in society

generally for us, we can actually trust what exists in many Diverse Tribes and silos, and that is that these interest groups gradually over time develop there excellence and quality through debate and dialogue with eachother. Evolving there interest into something more meaningful to there human existance and particular interest.


we see this transition taking place in society from mass media propergating a certain mass culture, To the develpment of a much more diverse and broader sense of cultural options increasingly available.


Now societies mechanisms for testing and developing cultures are quite effective, Debates and conversations about culture itself and the sub-cultures of Culture. And critics of culture through

intellectualism,academia and life in general work towards maintaining excellencce and quality.


In society it is acceptable for each of us to take ceratin cultures seriously and others not so seriosuly if we so wish, But never uncessarily rude or derogatory towards an interest that is not our own. Prehaps the term culture is unhelpful although some us may have quite permananant long term religious beliefs that out not malluable, however our cultural perception of other interests in our lifes remain open mimded and maluable it is the diverse attributes of a singular person that is the new key here, In a simliar way A single building can become a diverse piece of architecture similarly to a persons peronality. Cultures he/she posses can be Diverse, whether its the fixed religious belief or shifting societal perceptions and new socirtal activties which are malluable,


Every human being has a great variety of Diverse interests and its the development of new mass media into a new more diverse media that broadcasts and makes those interests more accesible to us that allows us to become aware of them even more. we dont subscribe to a single style of

culture, And although its important to sometimes celebrate what we all share in common none of us will allow this to develop into an overarching dominant stye of culture that we should all live by.



we as modern individuals now subscribe and share interests but not at the cost of our other interests we had before hand. we are very much "Multi cultural dimensional"  and indulge in the great variation of beauty and experience the planet has to offer us.


We are moving towards very interesting futuristic Diverse people, We are open to much more

information and wealth of human activity that we can take part in. And are certainly not fixed with a dominant certain regionalism or regional culture that previous generations may have been apart.


This certainly brings me to my point of architecture that is about people being at the center of

the creation of architecture after all it is for us.


And just as a person may posses a great wealth of variable personalities and diverse cultural tendecies, a single home or a buiding can posses those in physical forms also. Not only those human peronality traits but also new increasing cultural tendencies towards biological diversity and the sorounding nature of the place.


this has always been aparent in interior architecture each room is tailored to the particular family member.


However in this manifesto the case is made for a transition towards this kind of Diverse paradigm in actual architecture.


The case has been made for the development of culture and our modern minds, However what is not quite effective is the way in which we deal with the physical properties of mass culture, Our clothes our food our transport and its effect on our planets health and ability to sustain the development of our species.


the Habits of mass culture / The Throw away society - waste etc.. problematic.



The Mass cultural products and mass building materials. Even the standardization of our

diverse planet and even standardized design culture itself.




+ Design Culture Towards / Diverse standards



This is apparent in Design Normative rules and standardization.


Ernst Neufert's Architects' Data and constructed normative rules have been highly regarded

since its inception in March 1936 -  Ernst Neufert was even appointed by Albert Speer to work

on the standardization of German industrial architecture in 1939.


Although the inital design process is greatly improved by having good standards to ensure

quality and eliminate "odd" proportions ensuring good functioning architecture and interior design, And that Good quality standards and attention to detail is compulsory, And just as with mass production and mass culture the danger of over standardization however becomes apparent.


Diversism is the antithesis of this Standardized one size fits all and sometimes even fascist approach.Trying to apply too much standardization to our built environment is dangerous to the maintennace of life and soul in our cities.






World Issues : Values,Traditions,Religions



Free movement, expatriate relocation , R*****e ( People seeking refuge from local disasters )




Building rich Diverse cities  -  Cuturally, biologically and Architecturally.


Culturally in the sense we are not saying there cultures are fixed. they most certainly are modern Diverse people also and although there maybe fixed cultural tendencies which are respectable.

humans posses a maullability openess and desire to fit in generally, But also retain the right to retain past cultures from those countries also.


This truly says that the development of a Diverse architecture is apparent and in development culturally which brings me onto the fourth point of my five points of the Diverse - Diverse Architecture.













Diverse Architecture For Bio-diversity.


Diverse Architecture from Bio-diversity.


Architectures Diverse growth


Maintaining,Restoring, Enhancing Bio-Diversity and Architecture is/could be a product of bio-diversity and one does/will imply the other. Architecture developed from and is contributory to biological richness. Simultaneously mass customizable to culture. "One implies the other and the subsequent sections communicate why this is true.



Why Architecture is not very Diverse or has been very Diverse. - from Standardization



How will it grow Diverse ?













Current Architecture


Explaining that architecture has in fact been a very recursive formulaic discourse for quite a few centuries, we now have the ability to question and in fact realise that we now have the ability to do something else.


Current Monoculture


Current Bio - Monoculture


Noticing Diminishing Diversity ( 2 )

Noticing Diminishing Architecture Diversity ( 2 )





Repetitive apertures


Standard combinatorics


Standard Recursions


Zone Recursions


Repetition Modernism


Past recursive architecture


Past standard Recursions


Unvaried Envelopes


Past repetitive building parts


Invariant Recursions


Past Invariant variant recursions


( 2 ) Jeffersonian grid


Enclosure Movement




Standard Building Enclosures


Past Repetitive Architecture


Past Stereotomy



Transition to the Diverse  01 [ New Diverse architecture ]


Digital Stereotomy


New Stereotomy


How is/can it then Diversify/ing?


The Deeper meaning to it.


The Deeper meaning - Not only is a Diverse architecture paradigm a result of innovation and scientific advancement, but also there is a cultural evolution towards a anti one size fits all society in which people determine there own built environment. Which is intrinsically interwoven into the biological development of architecture also.-


Cultural And biological richness

expanding the Cultural And biological richness


Main Diverse Initiative ( one )

Main Diverse Initiative ( one ) How does this Architecture address the first Initiative. -





Architecture Protecting Diversity


Why architecture needs to be Diverse ?


Why architecture needs to be Diverse to protect Biological diversity ?


How Architecture can protect Diversity - ?


How it needs to be/can be?


It can and needs to be with emergent biological architecture discourses. Architecture and biological diversity.


With Emerging protective Eco Spirits




Eco spirits - 


Biological Architecture


Emerging bio Discourses






Bio-3D Printing


8.74 Million Specie lexicon





[ Action ]


Protecting this Lexicon


Clearly diversity enables this discovery if we look at this incredible design library that is sitting out there in nature, we see something that is quite extraordinary if we can keep those organisms alive,if we can preserve there environment then its possible we can extract there secrets to benefit us, other organisms, and our environment.



Beyond Biomimicry


Not just iintegrating and working with the existing biological ecosystems, But Combining biomimicry advancements with humanness and human intelligence to create a world that biologically thrives and improves for all species including human species and the advancement of the human mind and brain away from biological iterations, or human made repetitive recursions to new richness and diversity.






Biology biological design and its Parallels with Architecture



Example ( 1 )  Commonalities between the two.


a biological species and a building/architecture need to develop a way of retaining an internal condition.


Exampe ( 2 )


They both Develop Differentiated building envelopes


Example ( 3 )


Optimization is key.


Example ( 4 )


Structure and aperture is a fundemental of the two.


Example ( 5 )


Have or should learn from Homeostasis


Example ( 6 )


have or should learn from Homeostatic Mechanisms


Example ( 7 )


have or can learn from Homeostatic Diversity



Studying one of theses examples in more detail Homeostasis and the mechanisms

that various species have evolved for there thermalregulation to be efficent is incredibly



There are Millions of Homeostasis Examples to learn from :


Type 01 -


Skins - Elelphant skins.


Type 02 - 1000

One million + Examples of thermoregulation - snake skins,bird feathers, orientation etc.. etc...



Homeostasis Diversifying facades :


Homeostasis Diversifying architectural form - Millions of many species conduct homeostasis to survive and regulate there desired internal conditions, all of which take on a variation of form. These forms could potentially be bio-mimic'd for our various architectural envelopes, essentially diversifying architectural form to the cultural function of humans and natural habitats. Providing a vast homeostatic lexicon of form and beauties to choose invent, or customize from.




Homeostasic mechanism's and facade structure Lexicon - Examples


Example ( 2 ) Casparian surface-Cytoplasm-Xylem


Example ( 3 ) Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Surfaces


Example ( 4 ) Protoplasmic streaming


Example ( 5 ) Fiber Material Distribution



Material Distribution - Saving 50% of material,variable material property construction,variations in elasticity, variations in processes to generate efficiency in material, varying Properties, essentially varying the properties of facades and architectural structures.


Example ( 6 ) Pollen grain


Example ( 7 ) Shell structures - Example - The Abalone Shell


Example ( 8 ) Spider Spinneret


Example ( 9 ) Amazon water lilly Structure


Example ( 10 ) Dragon Fly wing structures


Example ( 11 ) .........


Making use of the 8.74 million specie lexicon may provide an aesthetic and functional solution to the issue in hand. Also weather climatic conditions greatly vary around the world there are many micro climates requiring differentiated building enclosures/envelopes and building structures.

requiring a worldwide Diverse paradigm certainly not a monoculture.





Uses of Biomimicking these Biological processes. - Further Examples of biological processes in design for the biomimiking of these biological species.


Embryological houses - learnt nature processes - to Create our future architecture. - Essentially this provides another example of a learnt process from nature that fundamentally diversyfys and expands our form lexicon for creating architecture.- In line in parellel towards the same level of diversity found in Bio-diversity and beyond.





Genetic algorithm Architecture


Morphogenesis & Embryogenesis


Morphogenesis & Embryogenesis - Mitosis - Meiosis


Meiotic & Mitotic Devision


Future House(s):Genealogy


Meiotic Invarient Recursions  - How to get to Diverse ?


Diversyfying value parameters




Natures Cell Devision Principle


Example: Cell devision principle coded as algorythem - By folding surfaces millions of times we can fold a million times faster - fold in 1000s of variations - by Changing folding ratio and changing where folds are made = expands the scope of forms we can produce.


Populations permutations





Crossbreeding algorithms


Diverse Species Architecture


Suggests Diversity


This leads to a new role for the architect one needs a new method for exploring all the possibilities that are out there. one can design many variants of the form in parallel and one can cultivate them. ( generations and cross breeding ) The architect moves into a position of orchistrating all of these various processes to cretae a new diverse lexicon of previously unimaginable forms.




Natural Selection Algorithms


Natural Selection Algorithms - Darwins Finches etc.. - Animals evolve to fit its environment - ( 1 ) Variables/genes/sliders ( 2 ) Populations ( Forms ) - ( 3 ) fitness/environment/test ( 4 ) Solver.(semi random) Contioneously testing forms - previously uncomprehensible form diversity. - generating newness. - Biomimicry mimicing cell devisions essentially Diversifying solutions to cultivte from - choose from - selecting from the selection. - species of form - creating adding diverse richness





[ Biosphere Eco Discourse ]



Informatives - Attributes


( 1 ) Micro-Turbulence - behavior of air flow around buildings


( 2 ) Micro-Climates


( 3 ) Diverse cosmologies


( 4 ) Weather Variation








( 1 )  Responsive Diverse Skins


Responsive Diverse building Skins responding to diverse micro climatic conditions. - Constructing a series of Differentiated facade systems to deal with the variation of micro climates, - But also to deal with the differentiation of types of space functions public large open enclosure vs dwelling enclosure envelope facade system.




Biological adaptive Skins




( E.G 1 )


Diversity of Cephalopods

Diversity of Cephalopods


Biomimicking Cephalopod skins


Chromatophore Patterning


Camouflage and Signaling


Adaptive coloration


Iridophores (reflective / iridescent)






Dynamic facades & parametrics


Adaptive Fritting/kinnetic/Ardiuno/code


Transition to Diverse proved  -  Proving the benefit of biologically diverse architecture.



















The parallels with indusrty


( 1 ) Industry can now build Diverse


Advancement in production of mass customized components to a level where efficiency and cost are equal to or marginal with mass produced homogeneous components.


New Diverse Industry ?


Democratization of Industry


Democratization Of Production ( 1)


+ Bio Industries


= Diverse Industries






Mass Production Transition to Mass customization


- Its worth Noting the transition that is already beginning. And the history of the transition from mass production to mass customization Noting that the industrial revolution was a result of the agriculture revolution and the agriculture revolution was only made possible by the innovation of crop Diversification and the tapping into of Biological diverse phenomena in nature.via the transition from the two crop to the Norfolk-four course rotation.


( 1 ) Agriculture Revolution



A way of Life



Major crop development


One of the most important innovations of the British Agricultural Revolution was the development of the Norfolk four-course rotation essentially the diversification of crops from two types to four. The practice of growing a series of dissimilar types of crops in the same area in sequential seasons to help restore plant nutrients,mitigate the build-up of pathogens and pests,and improve soil structure and fertility.



[ 1 ] Crop Diversification*

The agriculture revolution, and its freeing up of time to do other things. Increase in population.


Farmworkers - into - Workers


The freeing up of workers - Surplus of food = family money saved because of a cheaper surplus of food. money could be spent on manufactured goods - spurring the creation of factories. - The abundance of food higher population provided workers for these new industries.- in new towns and cities. - bank system and investors funded new factories with past cotton revenues.



innovations preceding Industrial revolution

innovations which made industrialization possible.



Industrial Revolution


Mass Production


Repetitive Work


Repetitive Routine


Repetitive Products


Linear assembly


Mass Production reactions


Craft Production - vs - mass production machine - Early mass production and art and crafts dispute


Fordism Mass Production








Crtiqing Fordism as mass production,mass produced sameness and repetitious,controlled issues,imposed isssues. ( 2 ) Also interstingly Ford motor company built a town In the amazon to be close to the source of rubber manufacturing ( rubber trees ) The town failed directly because of the architecture not responding to the locality in terms of biodiversity and culture. ( imposed ) ( Conformity ) ( standardization )


Fordlandia Failure


Fordlandia Failure - The perfect storm of all types of standardization,biologically and culturallly as a antithesis of the Diverse.


Fordlandia and The Diverse


Fordlandia and The Diverse Mistakes and 21st century critique - ( 1 ) Mass produced same products interestingly coincides is a result of and contributor to 2&3 ( 2 ) imposed culture,housing, imposed recreation and diets. (3) Bio-diversity destroyed by rubber tree plantation. rich rainforest destroyed for standardization of land for rubber trees. Antithesis to Diversism in many respects. - Essentially another plantation example. Repetitive work repetitive routine imposed american style housing.



Rubber trees replacing bio-diversity



A Plantation Example


antithesis - ( 1 ) - Opression of local geology ( 2 ) - Opression of local bio-diversity ( 3 ) - Opression of local peoples -or past transported slaves ( 4 ) Simoutaneous trajectories of explotation and destruction of cultural and biological diverse ecologies.




Fordlandia Lessons


Mistakes - Imposing dictating Style,preference,lifestyle,culture,monoculture, on a landscape and it's peoples. Replacing Rich bio-diverse jungle and forests with a single species. Trying to standardize universalise the world - Forced way of life - imposing America. - Not Designing site specific housing - Not fully understanding local bio-diversiity.


Lack of Diversity Reaction


Post Fordism Diversifying product lines


cognitive cultural capitalism


Alignment with preferences



Alignment with individual strengths


Tapping and aligning industry and ways of life with individual strengths, Capitalizing as a world on diverse potential contributions of everyone.


Alignment with ways of seeing

Alignment with various ways of seeing the world.




Mass Customization & Consumerism


Mass customization for me is more about the tapping into of individual strengths and talent as a society adding useful things to the world that improve our world, Arguably a totally separate idea to providing a standard recursion of a mass customized product as an up stand of a consumerist financial system. For example a Converse shoe your still essentially buying a converse but decorated differently.This is essentially a representation of an architecture centuries old of ornament and decoration



Mass Customization
























































































































































































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